Monday, April 12, 2010


My first character, in the wonderful World of Warcraft, has hit level 80. I tried to prolong hitting 80 with a friend I met along my journey so we could hit the battlegrounds together and earn honor points for our gear. As it turns out, it puts you in a special twink group if you try to turn off your experience. It wouldn't let us in the same battleground when just one of us was still gaining experience.

My main goal is to get in the Arena and start competing. In order to do so I need to get closer to a level playing field with other level 80's gear. I'm starting to look closer at the mechanics and specs I can get into. I'm thinking of specializing in poisons and envenom as a sub-spec of assassination. Envenom might be better for PvP since it ignores armor one of the biggest problems I have in PvP as a rogue is high armored targets.

I finally got my dual spec and have been trying out my new combat spec for PvE. It's a little odd since I'm not used to it but soon I'll be pulling some nice DPS.


  1. Gratz on ding mate. I've just convinced my brother's girlfriend to join us in playing WoW and she cutely says "Ping" every time she dings no matter how many times we correct her.
    Good luck on the gearup :)

  2. Thank you sir. Everyone makes it sound like gearing up is so hard. I know it will get harder but I'm already up to a 4k gear score just 2 days after hitting 80. I guess it helped using about 220k honor points for 3 pieces of PvP gear on my climb to 80.

    I wanna level my hunter now just to say...PING!

  3. Grats! I need to get my first toon to 80 soon too :)

  4. Thanks Gordon. Since I remember you liking PvP, it's a catch 22 hitting 80 for you. The way the gear tiers are setup, another 80 that just happens to be well geared, can totally just eat your face off. I hope it gets better soon or it doesn't take long to get on an even playing field. Enjoy those BG's while you can!