Saturday, December 26, 2009

The start of LOTRO - Review After Level 32

Having made it through 32 levels of my first character on Lord of the Rings Online, I have experienced what this game truly has to offer. I went with one of my favorite classes in most games, the Hunter (ranged fighting style). Equipped with my bow and arrow I was off to start my first quests. Plugged immediately into the center of action (after 12 hours of downloading and updating).

One difference than other games I've played and LOTRO is the amount of experience gained by completing quests. Quests are very rewarding usually in LOTRO, experience as well as useful items. The crafting system was also very well developed. As a tailor I collect hides from certain types of animals that I can then make into armor. There's 6 tiers of recipes, some basic ones learned for each tier and special recipes learned along the way with slaying and questing. Those special recipes might have tougher ingredients to obtain but worth it in the stat boosts.

What I've seen in these first couple weeks is wonderful. Awesome UI, good graphics, not much "grinding" for levels, and best of all, entertainment value. I thought it was similar to Dark Age of Camelot in 2003. I look forward to seeing what LOTRO has to offer for PvP and higher levels.

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