Monday, March 1, 2010

Bringing the Old School Back - Sega Genesis

I broke the World of Warcraft monotony with a little Sega Genesis. Nothing planned but I jumped on the chance and was thrilled when I came home today to see my roommate had setup the old Sega.

Does button smashing fun ever get old? For me it loses its flavor real quickly but so worth bringing classics back.


  1. Ah, Madden '95! I remember being impressed by the graphics after playing '93 :) I loved the John Madden games back then. They taught me everything I didn't need to know about American Football :)

    Y'know, in the UK the Genesis was called the Megadrive. True story :)

  2. We got a Sega Mastersystem too, the version before Genesis. Did the UK have a version of that too? I would have broken that out but we lost one of my favorite games, fantasy zone.

    I didn't know it was called Megadrive in the UK. Nice bit of knowledge Gordon, Thanks!

  3. Grew up with those games! Some of my favorites in there.