Saturday, March 20, 2010

My World of Warcraft Update

It's been about 2 months since I've started playing WoW. I started out with a Night Elf Rogue which made it to level 47 before I started a Dwarf Hunter. When my Hunter hit 47, I ironically fell back in love with my Rogue. I see he has a future in groups when he gets Fan of Knives skill at level 80 which is a nice AoE attack.

I'm getting more acquainted with my new guild mates and we have a Ventrilo server setup. I've already met a bunch of regulars and cool guys to jump in dungeons with, very fun. I hope I can get some prospective partners for the arena in the future.

I respeced my talent points to remove some things that won't be used in the higher levels. For example, I took 3 talent points out of improved eviscerate and I'm not putting any points into dual wield specialization (another entire explanation in itself). Here is the rogue build I have right now. Now I have mutilate a few levels earlier and I'm in love with it. Instead of spamming Sinister Strike which adds 1 combo point, I now hit mutilate that adds a minimum of 2 combo points and often a 3rd due to the high critical chance of mutilate.

Overall I'm impressed with World of Warcraft, obviously since I've been playing it at addictive levels. My rogue has a bright future and my hunter is on the shelf for now.


  1. I saving the Rogue class until Cataclysm comes out then I'm going to roll a Worgen one.

  2. I gotta check out some Cataclysm previews, I know very little about it. I want to know the new racial abilities.