Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Boss Goes Down

For the 2nd time ever on the Tibia server of Keltera, Chizzoron the Distorted and Zulazza the Corruptor, the drakken bosses were slain. These "raids" in Tibia are unlike other games where you gather your troops and enter an instance. It's random, very very rare, and you better hope there are a lot of people online.

Main blocker: Tarlo Darkhalf (lvl 248)

The Team: Dem'rel (lvl 167), Sloiq (lvl 116), Soldre uf Forchun (lvl 117), Mindless'soul (lvl 100), and Nigha Aigon (lvl 73)

This is already an amazing feat, but the small size of the team is even more impressive. These bosses can kill the blocker in 2 hits, the whole team is wiped if he dies. Congratulations to my great friend Tarlo and the others that contributed to Tibian history.

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