Friday, February 12, 2010

My First Mount in WoW

I found out I could have a mount when I went to my first battleground (PvP) and everyone but me pulled out a tiger to ride on. I stumbled upon a mount trainer the very next day an bought the starter tiger that has a required level of 20.

Also got into a guild with about 80 people in it, 1 beginner I met in the guild is just as addicted as I am.

The combat system and skill tree is set up interestingly. For my rogue class, for example, there are 3 main areas of expertise; subtlety, combat, and assassination. Here is an example link of what my level 80 end game skills look like. This is a PvP example setup I nabbed from just any ol' google search.

Random dungeons using the dungeon finder tool has proven to be a good social tool. I thought it was taking socialization out of MMO's at first, making half of the questing instanced. Quite the opposite, you get into groups with people more often than you would. Forced cooperation can be a good thing, it will definitely help you get experience as a noob.

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