Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hanging With The Boys

A trip out to our local bar proves you can have fun with games just about anywhere. We played a game of Golden Tee, me and 2 other people. Immediately knocking some close shots to the pin in the beginning holes, I was feeling it. On hole 10, I was lined up quite nicely for my 2nd shot as you can see in the video below (Youtube videos are automatically produced on great shots and hole-in-one's).

Today is also the big game. Get out there, have some good food, and get home in one piece.


  1. Nice shot. Thanks for playing Golden Tee...

    - Dan @ Golden Tee Golf HQ

  2. Thanks Dan. I'm not the best Golden Tee player but I love the game. Can't wait until they incorporate some MMO aspects into the game. I want to be able to play with or challenge other players around the world without traveling. Maybe more goals to achieve, there are plenty of things I'd love to see evolve. The same ol' bar golf game we love with an addictive twist. I know where the trends are heading and I can't wait to see what the future has in store for GT.