Thursday, February 4, 2010

Record Feature With Xfire

My new favorite tool Xfire has an awesome record feature that I've been testing out the last few days. Now I know from my last 2 videos that I recorded this morning, it will keep what I hear in other applications, integrated into the video. Impeccable timing on this video and the song coinciding with it.

Unfortunately, the size of the videos per second is enormous. Maybe I should need an Xfire expert to help me get the most performance out of my videos. I don't know if I can record in anything other than .avi. Falling in love with Xfire, not to sound like a commercial but its the best social tool for gamers out there.


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  2. Cool video and especially with the music. I am a visual person so video's are a plus for me in blogs. Great Job!! By the way I will have to check out Xfire, seems awesome.

  3. Love how the music matches up perfect