Friday, January 15, 2010

Back at Guild Wars at 6 AM

I reached level 3 in Guild Wars before I ended my night at 2 AM. They already game me a self-healing spell at level 2, heals for about 80 hitpoints (of a 120 max). LOTRO has a better navigation system, better quest guidance system, better graphics, but something in me wants to keep continuing. I know the end game isn't going to consist of just 6 and 12 person raids resulting in a graphical clusterf$%k. It might actually end up in some old DAoC style PvP. The more I hear about WoW, the more I avoid it like the Ebola virus.

I can't find the freaking Ranger trainer. It's 8 o'clock, I'm level 5, I'm ready to pick my class, and I can't find the npc. There was one other npc that told me he was on the east side of "this very forest" but I can't find him anywhere. I might start liking this game more when I figure out how to get the damn class I want. That's a major game flaw if I, a veteran gamer, can't figure out how to pick the class I like.

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