Monday, January 18, 2010

Guild Wars - Review After 4 Days

Guild Wars is a tough game to get into for the average gamer. Their combat system is a little weird, I definitely like LOTRO's combat system better. These 4 on 4 PvP matches are addicting. As soon as I bought the game I created a "PvP Only" character. I still had no clue what I was doing, my roleplaying character I started the free trial with was only level 6. The max level in GW is 20... a little low. I'm just here to master the game like usual and fuel my competitive side at the same time.

Sometimes you just need a good mentor. Having a lack of one resulted in losing a ton of my first few matches.

There were 2 initial arenas that I was able to hit from the start of creating my PvP only character. I tried half of the classes they had to offer but was just simply way underpowered from my lack of knowledge of the PvE system tying into the PvP system. Going down fast and hitting weak wasn't going to stop me from enjoying this though. However, I'm on the fast track now trying to get some of these PvE campaigns done so I can keep up on the PvP side.

Overall, It has a lot of downfalls and weaknesses but an awesomely competitive PvP system that reminds me of my xbox 360 gears of war days, 4 vs. 4. Keep in mind Guild Wars 2 is announced to come out in 2011. I hope they step up their game big time and compete with the big boys. First on my watch list is GW 2.

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