Friday, January 15, 2010

Just a Wandering Noob

It turns out I already had my primary class set to ranger. What I was searching for was a secondary class, the same set of choices I had for my primary one. I chose to be a monk as a secondary class so I can heal and resurrect my allies. It should make me a good group tool. I'm at level 6 so far and haven't really had any group interactions, not unusual but I'm ready to at least make a new friend or 2. I think I'm about to buy the whole set of Guild Wars for 50 bucks. I'm interested in the competitive PvP and no monthly fee, who can beat that? I'm going to gain a few more levels and meet up with old friends in GW from different games. If anyone has a character there that can help a simple ranger/monk newbie let me know, I'm Merit Arrowslinger.

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