Thursday, January 14, 2010

What Game Will I Play Next?

Having reached Level 53 in Lord of the Rings Online, Level 65 being the maximum, the question of my next game is inevitable. I still have some good game play left in LOTRO but I don't see myself making a 2nd character. It was fun, nice storyline, good crafting system, easy to level, but I see a lack of a good PvP system. Most people I have asked in the game aren't interested busting some heads in, they want to quest. The other players in their PvP system aren't even on their real characters, it's some monster you get that already starts at level 65. I want some solid rewards for killing someone but don't get me wrong I'm not a fanatic and agree it should only be in certain areas not all hunting grounds.

Right now it's between WoW and Guild Wars. The Guild Wars 2 trailer looks nice and we might see if the first one hooks me. I've heard good and bad things about World of Warcraft's PvP system is. I don't like the idea of a bunch of kids coming and rolling me while I'm just trying to get some levels or doing a quest. I like to be able to solo for a while and usually choose a class that lets me do that. I'm going to look at Guild Wars a little closer and keep at LOTRO for another 13 levels and see if it has any "end-game" entertainment for me.

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