Wednesday, January 27, 2010

LOTRO Billed Me 2 Months Too Early

This is exactly why I keep my recurring game subscriptions on prepaid debit cards. I don't get hit with a $35 bank overdraft fee, it's just a buck. Today I tried to log into Lord of the Rings Online and my account was suspended due to non payment. There wasn't enough money on my prepaid card for their mistake to effect me. I sent a support ticket in and hope to hear this mistake is fixed. I ordered 3 months in advance for a discount rate at 30 dollars and they billed me 1 month after that. Get it together Turbine, Inc. You aren't getting a renewal as good as the game is. I'm getting my 2 months worth though, in between my other gaming journeys. There are a couple unfinished goals to accomplish.

1 comment:

  1. My mistake. They never billed me for the 3 months. I was initially given a free month with my purchase of the game. I won't be renewing for time being. I got much of what I wanted to do done. There is still a lot I haven't explored though, we'll keep LOTRO on the official back burner now.