Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Reuniting With Old Friends

If you play a MMO long enough you probably have had a lot of interaction with other people. When you move on from a game you've just worn out, you might get the feeling to stop in to see your friends. That is just what I did the other night with one of my best friends on Tibia. I played the game religiously for an entire year and after playing other MMORPGs I have no idea how I did that. The no level cap was pretty awesome though. With my dedication I raced to level 200 within a year which is pretty unheard of.

Meritshoota (me)
level - 207
vocation - paladin

Tarlo Darkhalf
level - 243
vocation - paladin

We wanted an exciting place to hunt since it was my first time in over a month to go out hunting. There is 1 place I haven't been yet that would be perfect for a duo such as ourselves. Zao, the most recent addition to Tibia, ruled by a race of ancient lizards. We were at the heart of it. Me and my guild leader and great friend. Fighting our way into Zao Palace was difficult even with 2 of the highest levels on the server.

We fought our way through these hard hitting lizards to the bottom floor of Zao Palace where the mighty Ghastly Dragons dwell. Equipped with assassin stars, over 500 potions each, and nerves of steel, we destroyed all 15 Ghastly Dragons that were down there. No good loot dropped for us and we were tired and ready to head back. We didn't feel like scrapping the lizards to get back out so we booked it. Tarlo headed up first and the lizards were swarming, he ran a loop around the room to keep them off me. I ran ahead of him, going up floors through masses of lizards and healing a lot. I hit a spot of a bunch of lizards, maybe 6 around me, low on mana I had to resorting to spirit potions. I was a little trapped and had to move diagonal, low on health and mana out of the trap now I drop dead. A mage lizard hit me with a wave from behind.

Alas! Brave adventurer, you have met a sad fate. But do not despair, for the gods will bring you back into the world in exchange for a small sacrifice. Simply click 'ok' and you will be returned back to Tibia.

Small sacrifice my ass, it's more than 1% of all the experience I have ever gained and demoted down to level 206. Still, it was good hunting with a good friend. Worth the journey.

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