Monday, January 25, 2010

A Taste of Everything

Some days aren't all about being a single game die-hard. There are the days you hang out, chill, and play the casual gamer role. Yesterday, I started with Guild Wars, got my level 207 back in Tibia, and even went out to Timber's and played some Golden Tee with my brother.

Golden Tee, one of the most popular bar games in the United States, right up there with pool. For those of you not familiar with GT, it's a video golf game in bars that takes skill and therefore I love. Calculating winds and slopes, determining shot placements, and club selection are all things involved in making a great golfer. Even cooler, you earn clothing every 5 games, every 30 birdies, 10 eagles, and each hole-in-one. You can see my set of gear I had at the time of my hole-in-one months ago in this video.

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