Monday, January 11, 2010

Legendary Weapons, Level 48, and Moria

I must say after about a month of playing Lord of the Rings Online that I’m quite impressed. Now, about a month into the game and have 48 levels to show for it. I was introduced to a book of the epic storyline quests a couple nights ago. Apparently, this was to get my first legendary weapon (I had no clue what it was but sure sounded cool). These quests took place just outside of the infamous Moria and boy were some of the graphic detail awesome! There was the eerie Black Pool, a scene with Balrog, and the creepy Watcher in the water with nasty tentacles.

These legendary weapons are pieces of equipment that gain experience from killing creatures. You get your standard experience from the slaughtering but your item also gains experience. My first legendary bow has a maximum level of 30. Along with the stats and stat boosts that get better with leveling the weapon, it also gains points to apply, increasing stats even further.

It was like I was leveling my character all over again (in a good way). I found my will to get back out there quest a little and grinding due to my new level gaining, evil shredding bow.

Personally, I didn’t read the LOTR books, I saw the movies. I regret not reading the books. Every Tolkien fan or just people who read the books love this game even more. Seeing the descriptive words in the books recreated into an awesome MMORPG is something you must do if you’ve read the books but haven’t played this game yet. I’ve asked around and some of the parts of the game are really accurate. If you like a great storyline, play LOTRO, I think it’s better than the movies.

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